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In certain situations it is useful to import mesh generated by the external software. Options for importing meshes are available in the Import panel.

Importing Procedure


To import mesh, first the proper Mesh Format must be selected. Then, the path to the mesh file or directory must be chosen. Certain formats allow defining units in which the mesh was generated so that automatic scaling can be performed during import. The Import button begins the conversion procedure.

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If any mesh already exists in the current SimFLow session, the Import button suggests one of the four actions

1 Overwrite - you can replace existing mesh with the imported one
2 Merge with - you can merge imported mesh into existing mesh
3 Merge with as cell zone - merge the two meshes into a new cell zone
4 Convert to region - you can move existing mesh into a new subregion

Import Formats

Currently, the following mesh external mesh types are supported:

  • Fluent (*.msh) - two import algorithms are available that can handle Fluent mesh in ASCII format
  • Ansys (*.cdb, *.ans) - Ansys input mesh format
  • I-Deas (*.unv) - I-Deas universal mesh format
  • Gambit (*.neu) - Gambit neutral mesh format
  • Gmsh (*.msh) - Mesh format generated by Gmsh
  • CFX (*.geo) - CFX version 4 mesh format
  • OpenFOAM - native OpenFOAM format