Every simFlow panel described in detail

  • Boundary Conditions

    Boundary Conditions panel allows, as the name suggest, defining boundary conditions of a simulation.

  • Calculate

    Calculate panel allows performing basic postprocessing calculations.

  • Cell Zones

    Cell Zones panel enables applying certain models only at a specific location in a mesh.

  • Combustion

    Combustion panel make it possible to set up models related to species transport and combustion.

  • Controls

    Controls panel allows controlling aspects of the simulation process, mainly related to results written to disk.

  • Discrete Phase

    Discrete Phase panel allows defining models for discrete phase modeling using Lagrangian particle tracking.

  • Discretization

    Discretization panel allows selecting discretization schemes that are most suitable for a simulation.

  • Dynamic Mesh

    Dynamic Mesh panel make it possible to choose models for moving and deforming mesh.

  • Geometry

    Geometry panel allows adding, deleting and manipulating the geometry.

  • Hex Meshing

    Hex Meshing panel allows creating finite volume mesh based on a geometry.

  • Initial Conditions

    Initial Conditions panel allows defining conditions at the beginning of a simulation

  • Mesh

    Mesh panel allows modifying and manipulating meshes.

  • Mesh Import

    Import panel allows importing and setting up mesh generated by external software.

  • Monitors

    Monitors panel allows enabling additional quantities which should be computed and displayed in the chart during computation.

  • Operating Conditions

    Operating Conditions panel allows defining various reference values.

  • Parameters

    Parameters panel enables defining named parameters that can be used in various aspects of the simulation setup.

  • Passive Scalars

    Passive Scalars panel allows you to define additional transport equations for tracer species.

  • Postprocessing

    Postprocessing panel gives access to external postprocessing tools.

  • Radiation

    Radiation panel allows setting up radiation modelling.

  • Run

    Run panel shows parameters of execution process + buttons to start/stop a simulation.

  • Setup

    Setup panel allows selecting appropriate solver for a simulation.

  • Solution

    Solution panel allows defining various aspects related to the actual solution process.

  • Summary

    Summary Panel displays basic information for a general overview of a simulation setup.

  • Thermo

    Thermo panel enables defining thermophysical properties of materials in compressible flow solvers.

  • Transport

    Transport panel allows defining materials used in incompressible simulations, properties of phases in a multiphase simulation and interactions between them.

  • Turbulence

    Turbulence panel make it possible to choose turbulence models appropriate for a simulation.