Where can I find training materials?

Training materials dedicated to simFlow are available in form of User Guides, Tutorials for general understanding of the software and Documentation for single feature descriptions.

If you wish, we can customize training materials for your specific needs. Send us a quick note and we will get back to you with possible solutions.

Why are my results different from the ones in the video tutorials?

There are a few possible reasons for this. Please check again step-by-step whether you correctly set up your simulation. If you cannot find a problem with your simulation settings, small differences may come from differences between OpenFOAM® versions and default numerical settings in simFlow, which can also vary between simFlow versions.

Which files should I include when sending a sample case?

If you have a problem with your simulation, please delete all the folders containing the result files from the case directory, which are named according to time-step or iteration number. Then, compress the case directory and upload it to a cloud or hosting provider, for example, using Dropbox or Google Drive, and provide us with a link to the archive. Please do not send large files to us as attachments to your emails, as we may not receive them due to technical limitations. You can use the contact form on simFlow home page.