Which version of OpenFOAM® is supported by simFlow?

simFlow evolves with time, as OpenFOAM® does. Check which OpenFOAM® versions are supported by different versions of simFlow.

Which units of physical quantities are used in simFlow?

simFlow uses OpenFOAM® solvers and therefore you must use SI units. It is important to remember that it also applies to dimensions of the geometry, which must be scaled to meters.

Can I use both single-precision and double-precision OpenFOAM® solvers with simFlow?

Yes, you can if you have single-precision or double-precision OpenFOAM® compilation. It requires setting a proper path to the OpenFOAM® directory in the simFlow launcher.

I am simulating incompressible flow using incompressible flow solver. Why do I have to specify pressure values in a strange unit instead of Pa?

Incompressible flow solvers in OpenFOAM® operate using a kinematic pressure instead of a physical pressure in order to compute Navier-Stokes equation without explicitly showing the constant fluid density in the equation.

Kinematic pressure is defined as pressure divided by fluid density and it is expressed in m2/s2. Always input kinematic pressure values when using incompressible flow solvers in simFlow to obtain correct results. When you analyze the results, remember that the pressure field in Paraview displays values of kinematic pressure. Therefore, you must multiply the values of kinematic pressure by the fluid density in order to calculate the pressure field expressed in Pa.

Which files should I include when sending a sample case?

If you have a problem with your simulation, please delete all the folders containing the result files from the case directory, which are named according to time-step or iteration number. Then, compress the case directory and upload it to a cloud or hosting provider, for example, using Dropbox or Google Drive, and provide us with a link to the archive. Please do not send large files to us as attachments to your emails, as we may not receive them due to technical limitations. You can use the contact form on simFlow home page.