SimFlow Installation

This section will give you an instruction of installation for Windows and Linux operating system.

SimFlow Third Party Configuration

In this section we will present how to customize the settings to allow SimFlow use third-party applications.

SimFlow Uninstallation

This section will give you a guide how to uninstall SimFlow from your computer

Supported Operating Systems

SimFlow is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Supported OpenFOAM® versions

Supported OpenFOAM® versions

User Defined Features

This section describes how to implement User Defined Features (UDF) to the Simflow. This functionality allows users to define graphical user interface elements for options added to custom versions of OpenFOAM.

Advanced Configuration

This section will give you advice on how to customize SimFlow using advanced configuration options.


Learn about SimFlow updates

Execution Methods

In this section we will present available execution methods, which give you great flexibility in running your simulations.