SimFlow supports automatic update installation. When automatic updates are enabled, user does not have to do anything to keep SimFlow up to date. If a new release is available, it will be downloaded and installed in the background, without user interaction. This option is enabled by default. In case the Internet connection is not available, SimFlow will not be automatically updated, but will otherwise function normally.

Check current version

You can check the version of SimFlow you are running on in two locations. If the application is not running, start SimFlow and in the Launcher Window:

  • 1 Open Settings window
  • 2 Read the version at top of the Advanced Settings window
check version launcher

In case when you are already running SimFlow you can also view the version number:

  • 1 Select Help from the menu bar
  • 2 Choose Send Diagonstics option
  • 3 Unfold System Info panel
  • 4 Read SimFlow Version property
check version software

Requesting update

It might happen that due to internet connection problems SimFlow did not manage to automatically update itself. In this case you can request SimFlow to check if any new update is available. SimFlow will download and install the newest update package.

In order to request the update:

  • 1 Select Help from the menu bar
  • 2 Choose Updates section
  • 3 Select Check & Install option
check and install

Install using Update Package

If for some reason your computer can not access the web you can still update SimFlow without the need to re-install whole application.

In a rare occasions it might be required to debug SimFlow on the client computer. In this case SimFlow team creates extra update package which should be installed on the tested computer. This package usually contains a "hot fix" that can be tested on the target machine.

To install update manually you will have to download the "update patch" in the form of ZIP archive and install it from within SimFlow.

  • 1 Select Help from the menu bar
  • 2 Choose Updates section
  • 3 Select Manually Install option
install manual

Versioning System

The versioning system can be divided in 2 logical parts:

  • Major
  • Patch

The Major version refers to first two numbers in the version string, while the Patch is the last number:
4.0.53 (major.minor.patch)
in the above example the Major version is 4.0 while Patch is 53.

The Major version changes in 1-2 year cycle. It usually contains significant software changes that might change the way software is used.

The Patch version refers to security and bug fix patches. It might also introduce new features without significant changes to the application workflow.

Apart from the above description there is one more significant difference between Major/Patch versioning. When Patch version changes, SimFlow can install it via the automatic software update. On the other, when the Major version changes it is no longer guaranteed that SimFlow will be able to update itself. With the Major version it is expected that crucial software components will change which are not suitable for a typical update. In this situation, user should install a new version of SimFlow by downloading the application installer from the website. The new version can be installed alongside the old one, or you can first remove old installation and then replace it with the new one.