SimFlow Installation - Windows OS


The SimFlow installation package for Windows OS comes with an automatic installer. It uses a standard wizard setup and includes all necessary components (OpenFOAM, ParaView and MS-MPI) to run CFD simulations.

Installing SimFlow:
  1. Download SimFlow 5.0
  2. Run the installer and follow the installation wizard

SimFlow default installation path:
C:\Program Files\SimFlow\SimFlow-5.0

SimFlow Installation Package

The SimFlow installation package for Windows OS includes all the necessary components to run CFD simulations, including OpenFOAM, ParaView, and MS-MPI.

The following components will be installed on your computer:
  1. SimFlow 5.0
    Desktop CFD Simulation Software
  2. OpenFOAM 2212 (CFD Engine)
    Open-source CFD software package with an extensive library of solvers and utilities used as a SimFlow backend
  3. ParaView 5.12.0 (Postprocessing Tool)
    Open-source application for interactive visualization of simulation results integrated with SimFlow
  4. Microsoft MPI 10.1.3 (Parallel Computation)
    MS-MPI (Microsoft Message Passing Interface) is a standard for developing and running parallel applications on the Windows platform


What is OpenFOAM?
OpenFOAM is a well-known open-source code for CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and solvers for modeling and analyzing various fluid flow phenomena. SimFlow utilizes OpenFOAM as its core CFD engine.

Installing OpenFOAM

SimFlow installation package for Windows includes OpenFOAM, which will be automatically installed. SimFlow version 5.0 incorporates OpenFOAM 2212

OpenFOAM default installation path:
C:\Program Files\SimFlow\OpenFOAM-2212

of installation


What is ParaView?
ParaView is open-source software designed for the postprocessing of simulation results. It supports both typical and advanced postprocessing tasks.

Installing ParaView

SimFlow installation package for Windows includes ParaView, which will be automatically installed. SimFlow version 5.0 incorporates ParaView 5.12

ParaView default installation path:
C:\Program Files\SimFlow\ParaView-5.12

pv installation


What is MS-MPI?
MS-MPI (Microsoft Message Passing Interface) is a communication protocol for parallel computing. It is essential for parallel processing across multiple processors, enabling faster meshing and computing processes. SimFlow version 5.0 incorporates MS-MPI 10.1.3

Installing MS-MPI

Once the SimFlow installation process is complete, you will be asked to install MS-MPI. Click Finish and follow the instructions in the MS-MPI installation wizard.

7 installation completed

Follow the prompts to complete the automatic installation of MS-MPI.

8 mpi installation

MS-MPI Already Installed - Warning

If a current or newer version of MS-MPI is already installed on your system, a warning notification window will pop up. This notification merely informs that the MPI installation failed because a current or newer version is already in place. At this point no additional actions are necessary as everything is set up correctly.

9 mpi error code 50

MS-MPI - Manual Installation

You may also download and install the latest MS-MPI package manually from the following link: