Multiphase - Dispersed Solvers - Comparison

Solver: Comparison   Multiphase - Dispersed Solvers

Dispersed Solvers In this group, we have included solvers implementing the Eulerian or Lagrangian approach to handle multiple fluids and particle clouds considering Dispersed Phases or Fluid-Particle interactions.

Dispersed - Euler

Dispersed - Lagrangian

  • DPMFoam 1 fluid and particles, particle-particle interactions resolved explicitly (direct approach)
  • MPPICFoam 1 fluid and particles, dense particle cloud using particle-particle interactions model (simplified approach, MP-PIC method)

Dispersed - Drift-Flux

  • driftFluxFoam 1 fluid and slurry or plastic dispersed phase, drift flux approximation for relative phase motion
  • DPM - Discrete Phase Model
  • MP-PIC - multiphase particle-in-cell method
  • DyM - Dynamic Mesh
  1. 1. All solvers are transient and capable of accommodating buoyancy forces.
  2. 2. Additionally, these solvers support:
    • RANS/LES turbulence models
    • Porosity models
    • MRF (except multiphaseEulerFoam)
    • Passive scalar
    • Custom source term (except multiphaseEulerFoam)