Heat Transfer Solvers - Comparison

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Heat Transfer Solvers In this group, we have included solvers that are designed to model: Heat Transfer, Radiation, Natural and Forced Convection, Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT).

Heat Transfer, Single Fluid

Heat Transfer, Single Fluid - Boussinesq

Heat Transfer, Single Solid

CHT, Multiple Fluids / Solids

  • CHT - Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • MRF - Multiple Reference Frame
  • Overset - also known as Chimera Grid (Method)
  1. 1. These solvers are capable of handling buoyancy-driven flows by incorporating gravity effects, which are not present in the Compressible solvers group (described in section above).
  2. 2. CHT solvers allow for the modeling of heat transfer between different fluids and solids (multiple mesh regions).
  3. 3. In this group, both compressible and incompressible (pressure-based) solvers are available which support:
    • Different fluid models:
      • using various equations of state, such as perfect gas or constant density for compressible solvers
      • Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid models for incompressible solvers
    • RANS/LES turbulence models
    • Porosity models
    • MRF (excluding CHT solvers)
    • Passive scalar
    • Custom source term