icoFoam - OpenFOAM Solver

Solver: icoFoam   Description

icoFoam is a pressure-based solver designed for transient simulations of incompressible, laminar flow. It handles single-phase flows under isothermal conditions, accommodating Newtonian fluids.

The solver uses the PISO (Pressure-Implicit with Splitting of Operators) algorithm for pressure-momentum coupling, critical in dynamic flow scenarios. A passive scalar transport equation can be added to the solution.

The solver can be applied for analysis of incompressible, laminar flows such as flow through an orifice (in flow measurement devices), analysis of flow separation and vortex shedding, and analysis of flow patterns and recirculation zones within closed cavities.

Solver: icoFoam   Features

  • Transient
  • Incompressible
  • Single-Phase
  • PISO Algorithm
  • Subsonic Flow (Ma < 0.3)
  • Newtonian Fluid
  • Laminar Flow only
  • Newtonian Fluid
  • Pressure-Based Solver
  • Passive Scalar
  • Solution Limiters:
    • Velocity Damping

Solver: icoFoam   Application

  • Flow Over a Backward-Facing Step
  • Poiseuille Flow
  • Lid-Driven Cavity Flow
  • Flow Over a Cylinder
  • Flow Through an Orifice

Solver: icoFoam   Incompressible Solvers Comparison

Incompressible Solvers In this group, we have included single-phase, pressure-based solvers for low-speed flows with negligible variations in density, applicable for external and internal aerodynamics (Ma < 0.3) and hydrodynamics. These solvers use incompressibility features for stability and robustness.

Incompressible - Main Solvers

Incompressible - Simplified Solvers*

  • pisoFoam transient, PISO** algorithm
  • icoFoam transient, PISO** algorithm, laminar flows only (no turbulence), Newtonian fluids only
  • * Dedicated solvers for simplified scenarios, improve stability and computational efficiency
  • ** The PISO algorithm is used for cases with a small Courant number Co < 1
  • DyM - Dynamic Mesh
  • MRF - Multiple Reference Frame
  • SRF - Single Reference Frame
  • Overset - also known as Chimera Grid (Method)
  • SIMPLE - Semi-Implicit Method for Pressure-Linked Equations
  • PIMPLE - merged PISO and SIMPLE
  • PISO - Pressure-Implicit Split-Operator