Multiphase - Phase Change Solvers - Comparison

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Phase Change Solvers In this group, we have included solvers implementing Phase Change models to handle cavitation, and surface evaporation/condensation (liquid and its vapor phases).

Phase Change - Cavitation

  • cavitatingFoam 2 immiscible fluids, dedicated to cavitation, Homogeneous Equilibrium Model (HEM)
  • interPhaseChangeFoam 2 immiscible fluids, dedicated to cavitation, VoF, Phase Change Models: Schnerr-Sauer, Merkle, Kunz

Phase Change - Condensation / Evaporation

  • VoF - Volume of Fluid
  • DyM - Dynamic Mesh
  • Overset - also known as Chimera Grid (Method)
  1. 1. All solvers are transient and capable of accommodating buoyancy forces.
  2. 2. Additionally, these solvers support:
    • RANS/LES turbulence models
    • Porosity models
    • MRF (except cavitatingFoam and cavitatingDyMFoam)
    • Passive scalar
    • Custom source term (except cavitatingFoam and cavitatingDyMFoam)