Species & Reactions Solvers - Comparison

Solver: Comparison   Species & Reactions Solvers Comparison

Species & Reactions Solvers In this group, we have included compressible (pressure-based) solvers that can be used to simulate: Species Transport, Multicomponent Gas Mixtures, Chemical Reactions, Combustion.



  • sprayFoam transient, liquid particles only, dedicated to fuel spray combustion
  • sprayDyMFoam extension of sprayFoam with DyM



  • * All solvers in this group are transient
  • DyM - Dynamic Mesh
  1. 1. Beyond the Gas subgroup, particles can be modeled along with the phase changes and reactions, taking into account the interaction between the particles and the fluid.
  2. 2. Transient solvers may be used in subsonic and transonic flow regimes.
  3. 3. Additionally, these solvers support:
    • RANS/LES turbulence models
    • Porosity models
    • MRF
    • Heat Transfer capabilities
    • Passive scalar
    • Custom source term