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Installation on Windows

simFlow software supports MS Windows operating system and is provided as an automatic installation package. Just double click .exe file which you can download from simFlow’s download page.

Installation on Linux

simFlow supports both 64 and 32 bit linux architecture. System is provided as automatic installation package. Installation procedure is presented below due to few additional actions required from user on linux platform. Note that this procedure might be slightly different depending on your platform.

simFlow installation package for Linux includes only simFlow itself. You need to install OpenFOAM and ParaView postprocessing software by downloading them from their respective official websites.

Installation procedure

  1. Download latest version of simFlow installation package.
  2. Make file execution available. Linux system usually sets packages downloaded from Internet as unable to run. You can change it in two ways:
    • open a terminal window and go to your download directory:

      cd <Download_dir>
      • change <Download_dir> to your download directory, e.g. ~/Downloads
    • make installation file executable by typing:

      chmod a+x simFlow-<version>-Linux-<architecture>-Install
      • change <version> to simFlow’s version number you just downloaded – e.g. 2.2
      • change <architecture> to OS architecture – x64 or x86
    • directly in X open folder with installation package
      • click right mouse button over installation file and choose Properties.
      • go to Permissions tab and check “Allow executing file as program”
  3. Run installation by double-clicking on the file or run from console:

  4. If you want to have access to root folders form simFlow 2.1, run the installation as a root:

    sudo ./simFlow-<version>-Linux-<architecture>-Install
  5. Follow the on-screen installation step-by-step procedure.
  6. After successful installation simFlow should run automatically.

If this is your first simFlow installation, then program will automatically search for OpenFOAM and ParaView software in default locations on your system. If those installations are not found, then before launching your first case “Advanced Configuration” window will pop out. Then you will be obligated to configure simFlow manually. Detailed explanation how to configure simFlow you can find in the following section.