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Solver: overLaplacianDyMFoam   Description

overLaplacianFoam is a basic solver that simulates diffusion-driven scalar transport in both transient and steady-state forms. Primarily used for heat conduction, it efficiently incorporates volumetric heat sources in its computations.

Based on laplacianFoam, the solver enhances its predecessor’s capabilities by incorporating overset (Chimera) meshes. This advancement makes the solver particularly suitable for scenarios involving significant object motion, where traditional dynamic meshes prove inadequate.

The overset framework offers a universal approach to implementing overset meshes for both stationary and dynamic scenarios. It utilizes mappings from cell to cell across various, separate mesh regions to create a unified domain. This approach facilitates intricate mesh movements and interactions without the drawbacks typical of mesh deformation.

While adept at managing homogeneous fluid properties and thermal diffusion equations, the solver does not extend to non-homogeneous fluid properties, turbulence, multiphase flows, or reactive flows. Its core application lies in modeling heat conduction in solids, guided by the Laplace and heat diffusion equations.

Applications of the solver are limited to heat conduction in solids. However, with the overset meshes capabilities, the moving boundary and its effect on the heat transfer can be simulated.

Solver: overLaplacianDyMFoam   Features

  • Steady-State and Transient
  • Laplace Equation Solver for a Scalar Quantity
  • Heat Transfer
  • Overset (Chimera) Meshes
  • Thermal Diffusion Model only
  • Homogenous Material Model
  • Constant Diffusion Coefficient
  • Laplace Equation Solver for a Scalar Quantity

Solver: overLaplacianDyMFoam   Application

Heat Conduction

  • Heat Conduction in Solids with Moving Boundary e.g. Flanges, Bodies in Contact with Hot Surfaces

Solver: overLaplacianDyMFoam   Heat Transfer Solvers

Heat Transfer Solvers In this group, we have included solvers that are designed to model: Heat Transfer, Radiation, Natural and Forced Convection, Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT).

Heat Transfer, Single Fluid

Heat Transfer, Single Fluid - Boussinesq

Heat Transfer, Single Solid

CHT, Multiple Fluids / Solids

  • CHT - Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • MRF - Multiple Reference Frame
  • Overset - also known as Chimera Grid (Method)

Solver: overLaplacianDyMFoam   Results Fields

This solver provides the following results fields:

  • Primary Results Fields - quantities produced by the solver as default outputs

Primary Results Fields


\(T\) [\(K\)]

  • *Primary Results Fields are metrics produced by the solver as default outputs.