rhoCentralDyMFoam - OpenFOAM Solver

Solver: rhoCentralDyMFoam   Description

rhoCentralDyMFoam is a density-based solver designed for transient simulations of compressible flow. It handles laminar and turbulent flow, and it is suitable for high-speed aerodynamic applications, considering transonic and supersonic flow. It is based on the rhoCentralFoam with the additional feature of dynamic meshes which increases its applications.

The core of the solver is the central-upwind schemes for convective fluxes. This method is well-regarded for its balance between accuracy and robustness in capturing shock waves and other steep gradient phenomena inherent in compressible flows. This approach ensures reliable and precise simulations, particularly in scenarios involving complex shock interactions and rapid changes in flow properties. It supports Heat Transfer and allows easy integration of passive scalar transport equations. The solver handles dynamic meshes.

The dynamic mesh capabilities of this solver expand its scope for analyzing moving objects. It enables the analysis of high-speed aircraft with the motion of the objects. Additionally, in the military industry, it facilitates the prediction of missiles and bullets with moving wings or flight control systems.

Solver: rhoCentralDyMFoam   Features

  • Transient
  • Compressible
  • Single-Phase
  • High-Speed Aerodynamics
  • Transonic Flow
  • Supersonic Flows
  • Density-Based Solver
  • Shock Waves Capturing
  • Dynamic Mesh Motion
  • Laminar and Turbulent (RANS, LES, DES)
  • Equation of State Models
  • Rotating Objects:
    • Rotating Mesh Motion
  • Passive Scalar
  • Heat Transfer
  • Central Differencing Scheme
  • Solution Limiters:
    • Velocity Damping
    • Temperature Limit

Solver: rhoCentralDyMFoam   Application


  • High-speed Aircraft Aerodynamics (with Object Motion)
  • High-speed Airplanes Wing Profiles (with Object Motion)
  • Rockets Entry to the Atmosphere (with Object Motion)


  • Bullets and Missiles (with Object Motion, Like Wings or Flight Control Systems)

Solver: rhoCentralDyMFoam   Compressible Solvers Comparison

Compressible Solvers In this group, we have included single-phase, pressure and density-based solvers that can handle flows with significant variations in density, mostly applicable for and high-speed aerodynamics (Ma > 0.3)

Subsonic / Transonic, Steady-State, Ma < 1

Subsonic / Transonic, Transient, Ma < 1

Transonic / Supersonic, Pressure-Based, Ma > 1

Transonic / Supersonic, Density-Based, Ma > 1

  • Ma - Mach Number
  • DyM - Dynamic Mesh
  • Overset - also known as Chimera Grid (Method)

Solver: rhoCentralDyMFoam   Results Fields

This solver provides the following results fields:

  • Primary Results Fields - quantities produced by the solver as default outputs
  • Derivative Results - quantities that can be computed based on primary results and supplementary models. They are not initially produced by the solver as default outputs.

Primary Results Fields


\(U\) [\(\frac{m}{s}\)]


\(T\) [\(K\)]


\(p\) [\(Pa\)]

Derivative Results


\(\rho\) [\(\frac{kg}{m^{3}}\)]


\(\omega\) [\(\frac{1}{s}\)]

Mach Number

\(Ma\) [\(-\)]

Courant Number

\(Co\) [\(-\)]

Peclet Number

\(Pe\) [\(-\)]

Stream Function

\(\psi\) [\(\frac{m^2}{s}\)]

Q Criterion

\(Q\) [\(-\)]

Wall Functions (for RANS/LES turbulence)

\(y^+\) [\(-\)]

Wall Shear Stress

\(WSS\) [\(Pa\)]

Wall Heat Flux

\(\phi_q\) [\(W/m^2\)]

Turbulent Fields (for RANS/LES turbulence)

\(k\) \(\epsilon\) \(\omega\) \(R\) \(L\) \(I\) \(\nu_t\) \(\alpha_t\)

Volumetric Stream

\(\phi\) [\(\frac{m^{3}}{s}\)]

Passive Scalar

\(scalar_i\) [\(-\)]

Forces and Torque acting on the Boundary

\(F\) [\(N\)] \(M\) [\(-\)]

Force Coefficients

\(C_l\) [\(-\)] \(C_d\) [\(-\)] \(C_m\) [\(-\)]

Average, Minimum or Maximum in Volume from any Result Field

\(Avg\) \(Min\) \(Max\)